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Dreaming Through the Noise

this burning heart

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While you can still find fic here, this journal's not really updated anymore. I keep it mostly to post to/comment on communities.

You can find the old stuff and new stuff at my Dreamwidth: Rapture of the Moon. Follow me there for updates. Or you can find me on Archive of Our Own. And on Tumblr.

Fandoms include, but are certainly not limited to:

Star Trek (reboot & original)
Fallout: New Vegas
Final Fantasy
abruzzi/michael, adam monroe, alice in wonderland, ando masahashi, angela petrelli, angels, angst, audrey hanson, aya/schuldig, bdsm, bdsm slash, bee/sam, bondage, boyslash, caitlin, captain pike, character creation, christine chapel, claire bennet, claire bennett, claire/peter, count d, crawford/aya, crawford/ran, creative writing, d.l. hawkins, d/leon, dark fantasy, davy jones, davy jones/elizabeth, drabbles, elizabeth swann, fan fiction, fanfic, fanfics, fanfiction, fanfiction writing, fantasy, farfarello, fic 100, fiction, final fantasy, final fantasy fanfiction, final fantasy ix, final fantasy vii, flash fiction, gabriel gray, hannibal, hannibal/clarice, harry potter, harry potter fanfiction, heidi petrelli, heroes, heroes fic, heroes fiction, het, hiro nakamura, hrg, j-rock fanfiction, jack sparrow, jack/elizabeth, jareth/sarah, jrock fanfiction, june, labryinth, leonard nimoy, matt parkman, matt/mohinder, maya herrera, mccoy/chapel, mccoy/kirk, megatron/optimus, micah sanders, michael scofield, michael/mahone, mohinder suresh, mohinder/matt, mohinder/sylar, molly walker, monica dawson, mr. bennet, mylar, nathan petrelli, nathan/claire, nathan/peter, nathan/peter/claire, nero, noah bennet, peter petrelli, peter/caitlin, petshop of horrors, phantom of the opera, pike/chapel, pirates of the caribbean, prison break, reading, reno, rufus shinra, samuel sullivan, schuldig/aya, science fiction, seduction, sensuality, sephiroth/tseng, sex, silence of the lambs, slash, smut, spock, spock/chapel, spock/kirk, spock/uhura, squall leonhart, star trek, star trek 2009, star trek reboot, star trek xi, star trek: reboot, star trek: tos, starfleet, sylaire, sylar, sylar/claire, sylar/mohinder, sylar/mohinder/claire, t-bag/michael, tea party, the chesire cat, the crow, the haitian, the mad hatter, the turks, the underground, theodore bagwell, threesomes, transformers, trek, tseng, tseng/rufus, tseng/sephiroth, tsengxrufus, unconventional families, united federation of planets, vignettes, vincent valentine, vulcans, weiss kreuz, weiß kreuz, writing, yaoi